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In Flux

13 January - 12 February 2022

Flux - from Latin fluxus, fluere "to flow'.

In Flux - to be in constant motion, continuous state of change.


M/Gallery presents "In Flux" solo show by Latvian contemporary artist Hele featuring original textile works, drawings, analogue photography, and installation pieces. Inspired by the constant movement in nature - flowing rivers, sunrises and sunsets, growth and decay - "In Flux" explores different flows in both our surroundings and inner lives. With each breath, we change and the world keeps changing around us. Through this show, Hele celebrates the power of nature and the healing that its continuous changes provide.


Walking through the exhibition, you will discover artworks in various mediums inviting you to look deeper into the forms and rhythms of nature. The use of colours in Hele's work is symbolic; blue stands for calmness, as well as for melancholy, white is representative of light and the space to breathe, and black is about being hidden or the act of hiding something special that you want to protect.


Hele says, "Why are the river and her sound so calming, meditative, so life inspiring? It reminds us of pure love. The river helps us cleanse ourselves, she knows the secret of life and wants to remind it to us; the same way the sun reminds water to reach the sky again and continue its never-ending journey. The ancient water of the river - it knows the sky, it knows the ocean, it knows giving life, it knows sharp rocks, it knows the beginning, and starting over. Like our life cycles - it goes up and down, crossing hills and mountains, dirty roads, forgetting about the pain, all the dirtiness, reaching the same state of light. The river flows alone, she teaches us the lesson of never stopping, always going forward - always to be on our road, no matter what it takes. The river reminds us that we will meet other little streams going in the same direction to continue the road together for a while, or for life.”


Curator Elena Salina says, "With M/Gallery's first show of 2022, we wanted to highlight the themes of strength and perseverance that one finds through the natural world and in the constant flows of change. There is harmony and stillness in being grounded, one-on-one with nature, and, ultimately, with ourselves. I hope that Hele's explorations of these themes will find a resonance in our visitors' imaginations and plant the seeds of newness that will bring a new flow of energy into their lives. To be constantly in flux and to recognise the changes we go through is to build resilience and inner strength. It is important to support each other about constant small wins, even if they seem light, as ultimately these victories, these flows, grow into a strength that surpasses our imagination.”


Hele's art is a reflection of nature observations and philosophical thoughts. It explores the eternal questions of existence. She aims to break the boundaries between the material and spiritual worlds using nature as their unifying element.


About Hele

Hele was born in Riga, Latvia, currently living and working between Riga and Tallinn, Estonia. In 2017, Hele graduated from Art Academy of Latvia. In 2016, she took part in Erasmus exchange programme at Escola Massana Centre d'Art i Disseny in Barcelona. Hele has participated in many group exhibitions in Europe and USA, as well as solo shows in Latvia, Estonia and Norway, from which the last ones were "I Will Meet You At The River" in Valga, Estonia and "127 Years of Eternity" in Riga, cultural space TJZK. In 2021, she curated her first group show "∞" at VV Foundation’s contemporary art gallery PAiR”

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