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Riga Last Thursdays: October edition

Riga Last Thursdays is a happening, where on the last Thursday of every month you can explore Riga's contemporary art galleries in one evening.

Because of the lockdown in Latvia, October event became a trial Digital Edition. Each of the 9 participating galleries shared photos, videos and texts about the exhibitions that you would've been able to see in person.​

Among these 9 galleries is also M/Gallery, which is participating in this event for the second time. This time M/Gallery presents an experimental art exhibition by Latvian contemporary artist Aleksandrs Puntuss. This is the second show with this artist, the first time his work could be seen during the opening of the gallery.

The show that’s going on now comprised of two parts: a series of graffiti artworks done in a collaboration with a local brewery, and works on paper that are currently in the artist's studio. You can find out more information about Aleksandrs Puntuss and his works by following this link – These and other galleries information will remain live on the RLT website until the next event on 25th November.

If you are interested in Aleksandrs Puntuss works, we have great news. Works on paper are available to be purchased. Graffiti artworks are available on demand as limited edition prints. Please contact M/Gallery for availability and any inquiries.

Special thanks to Elen Salina, curator of M/Gallery, for organizing the Riga Last Thursdays.

We hope this Digital Edition will satisfy your cultural cravings from the comfort of your home.


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