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Pavel Hafizov

AIR 3.0

07 January - 12 July 2021

M/Gallery is proud to present AIR 3.0, a new body of work by contemporary artist Pavel Hafizov. The black and white collection of clouds has been produced by Hafizov throughout the pandemic and represents his reflection on the times that we’re in through an interpretation of the ephemeral world just above our heads.


In AIR 3.0, Hafizov encourages the viewer to join him in contemplation of the sky, to notice the beauty in our everyday surroundings, and let ourselves have a breath of fresh air through the experience of art.

Pavel’s work is about looking and finding oneself, the never-ending search for inner peace, and the way back home to nature, stillness, AIR. 15 works comprising the collection are all unique originals, made with charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas. The exhibition features four more works from Hafizov’s previous series.

Pavel Hafizov now lives and works in Riga, Latvia. From 2005 until 2013 he worked as a caricaturist for a number of printed publications in Riga and London. Since 2013, he practices as a painter and works exclusively with the subject of clouds. In the last 8 years, his series was presented at two solo exhibitions in Riga and at the 13th Venice Arte Laguna Prize, where the Latvian painter was awarded a special prize.


In the words of Hafizov, a cloud represents a mystical object that ties Earth and Sky together. In each of his works, Pavel strives to create the perfect cloud, whilst knowing that is impossible. Hafizov’s work can be found in private collections across Latvia, the USA, France, Switzerland, Ukraine.

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