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Renārs Zvirgzdiņš


23 February - 29 March 2023

The photo series was created in 2022, in collaboration with French costume artist Nikita Leroy.


''During this period, we both studied in Portugal and worked together on a number of projects during which Nikita created a series of outfits from donated clothes from friends, items found on the street and various materials. As the study time in Portugal came to an end, a lot of experience and materials had accumulated, and this photo series was born as the last joint project.

Along with Nikita, we went on a hike in the Portuguese countryside near the town of Obidos. We came to a large field of apple and pear trees during this hike. When I got there, I knew at once that I wanted to come back with camera gear. You know that somewhat funny feeling - you're uncomfortable, there's a little tinker in your stomach, you can't understand where to go or what to do? This feeling may be unpleasant, but it is driving me to create something new. We decided that this series should be sensuous and somewhat challenging. We talked a lot about clowns and played with the lights.''

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