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Ieva Stalšene

Sinners Will Be Boiled In a Pot

13 April - 23 April 2022 

M/Gallery presents Latvian artist Ieva Stalšene’s solo exhibition “Sinners Will Be Boiled in a Pot”.


What motivates us to be good people? Are we doing well because we are afraid of punishment? What is the truth we believe in and that we allow to guide our lives? These are the questions the artist poses for us. In her exhibition, Stalšene will focus on the interaction between painting and scenography by creating an installation of a sacred space.


Thinking about the exhibition, I “burned” myself for several days - I felt the pressure that with the current events going on, I, as an artist, should come up with the smartest idea in the world. But, in reality, the only thing I can't honestly not paint right now is my mother. I see the point in it. My Mom inspires me to live, she is the beginning, and everything else is in my hands,” says Ieva.


Through opening a door to her inner world, Stalšene is asking us to be brave enough to do the same, and consider: what do we see when we look inside of ourselves? Specifically, in the current political climate it is crucial to look at the reality with open eyes, and to hold on to the things that are most dear to us,” says Elena Šalina, curator of M/Gallery.

About Ieva Stalšene


Ieva Stalšene has a BA in Scenography from the Art Academy of Latvia and is currently completing an MA in Painting. Her works reflect on the interaction between the natural and supernatural, the human connection with the absolute, and with oneself. She explores the possibilities of PVC materials in painting. In February 2022, Ieva had her first solo exhibition, “Adults Don't Commit Suicide”, at the Art Academy of Latvia, which looked at the topic of self-destruction and self-preservation. She has been part of the artist alliance 4K for several years.

Press: Arterritory, Diena

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Show walkthrough: LV, ENG

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