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Anna Dzērve

Red Velvet

26 May - 22 June 2022 

From May 26 to June 22, M/Gallery will be hosting the solo exhibition “Red Velvet” by Latvian photographer Anna Dzērve, as part of the “Riga Photomonth 2022” art festival.


Anna Dzērve is a young Latvian photographer working with nude photography. This exhibition is her story about trauma, anxiety, and the author's conflicting feelings, which she literally projects onto the naked bodies.


Anna has been involved in photography for more than 10 years. Her works could be called erotic and sensual, although personal traumas and experiences are often behind aesthetic exhibitionism. She has photographed a lot of self-portraits, but lately, she has also taken other people’s photos using an analog film camera and projector. Anna graduated from the Riga Secondary School of Design and Art and the Graphics Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Last year, her first solo exhibition was shown in the Free Riga building on Viskaļu Street.


The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 26, when the gallery evening Riga Last Thursdays takes place. At 22.00, the exhibition will feature Evelīna Baha's performance “CORRECT”, talking about the double standards of freedom of expression, censorship, and moral norms of art.


The exhibition at M/Gallery (A. Briāna 9) is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00, and it will be possible to purchase the works in it, thus supporting the creative work of the artist and the gallery. The list of works is available in M/Gallery shop.


This year, the festival "Riga Photomonth" takes place from May 23 to June 22 and its theme is "decadence". Photomonth will offer an art and music program that is straightforward, brutal, irrational, challenging, ironic, inspiring, believing that such art can help save humanity from extinction. The photomonth was inspired by decadents of the second century, who believed that art should be freed from existing conventions, rationalism, and logic, it should be true, creative, and sensual. The program of the festival invites us not only to give in to impulses and enjoyment but also to reflect on our values, moral norms, the role of the artist in this era, and the direction of development of Western society. See the full festival program at


Supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund, MagnumNT, Foto Kvartāls, etc.

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