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Aleksandrs Puntuss

Many Faces

07 October - 27 December 2020

Aleksandr Puntuss understood that he was meant to be a painter 13 years ago, after a vision he had in a tram on the way to the supermarket. The first painting that appeared to him was of many faces on a black background. When he saw that image in his head, he knew he had to learn how to build a frame, where to buy the canvas, oil and paintbrushes. Six months later, his first artwork called #2 was completed, and the rest is history.


Puntuss paints with oil, often mixing techniques and experimenting with mediums. His style is Neo-expressionism, which is characterised by intense subjectivity, vivid colours and rough, violent brushstrokes. Puntuss’ large-scale paintings translate strange forms and subjects into something recognisable and visceral.

Aleksander’s inspiration comes from the invisible inspirational library also called as a common energy-informational field (энергоинформационное поле). He is inspired by everyday life scenes: from dog pee stains to objects in nature, to visions from the higher powers to inner conversations with colours. Most of Aleksandr’s characters come from different places and dimensions; they are his interpretations of the invisible world that cannot be seen with our eyes but that can be felt and understood.


In addition to being a painter, Puntuss is also a tattoo artist. In contrast to his paintings, where inspiration can take over and lead in many directions, tattoos are an area where one can almost never make mistakes.

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