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Brīvās Mākslas Kustība


27 April - 21 May 2023

Riga Last Thursdays x M/Gallery x Brīvās Mākslas Kustība

"Sāpprāts" (mindache) is a conscious mind that man has acquired as a by-product through evolution, but with it also comes pain because now we are aware of our existence and all the suffering of life associated with it, which emerges as a result of living and thinking. As we know, animals do not have these problems because they simply live without the knowledge about life’s suffering. Mindache also points to the fact that a conscious mind can be both a gift and a curse. What role it will play in your life about what a mindache is. The exhibition showcases photos, paintings, digital prints, and sculptures through which artists depict their personal interpretation about what a mindache is.

Featured artists:

Aija Pastare

Anna Dzērve

Arvis Kantiševs

Jānis Kalniņš

Linda Luīze Barbare

Mārtiņš Aizpurvs

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