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Monta Kurme x Coco'nuts

Mūsu Zeme

16 - 20 August 2022 

M/Gallery presents Monta Kurme x Coco'nuts exhibition “Mūsu Zeme”, which is formed in collaboration with M/Darbnīca. The exhibition is created using photo shots from Coco'nuts music video. The exhibition and music video will be on view at M/Gallery 16 - 20  August.


The story is not about split parts, or fragmented sections, or torn details, which in the memories book are preserved and seem so fragmented, but how these fragments relate to our essence and the course of our lives.


The story of that old cart on the cupboard, broken and dusty, reminds us of something it once was. The cobwebs that twisted over it had once been woolen veins that twisted and twisted around it. Our lives are running their cycle and very reluctant to believe that life is just a small interval in the time of the Universe. Everything is turning. Head turns. One is not alone until one becomes one. Everything is one. Meanwhile, our umbilicals are kind of interesting visuals that will forever remind us of how we were once directly connected, on the same web as the mother.


Squeeze to the ground, put your cheek down and you'll hear how grandfathers plow the land. If you can't hear, drop the excess. Drop your fur coat and shirt. You can hear the whole truth now. Nothing goes away. Everything that has been done remains here. We're here. Everything stays on the ground. Also what you dump in the dustbin. From the earth you came, for the earth, you remain, even if you turn to ashes.


About the video


The music video was made using a cyanotype technique, illuminating video footage in the sunshine. The process of cyanotype is simple enough, but making a video out of it is a difficult enough and very time-consuming process. The images have gone through six stages so that, when folded one behind the other, they become video-shooting, turning into negatives, lighting, washing, scanning, and cutting. A total of 3,097 photographs have been illuminated. The process is semi-analogous and semi-digital. The music video author is a photographer and member of the band, “Coco'nuts” vocalist, Monta Kurme.


As Monta Kurme says: “The theme of nature has always been close to me - the power of nature, its relationship with a person, interactions with one another and fusion into one. So I often use natural resources as a medium in my work. In the cyanotype technique, I've been working with for the past two years, it's sunlight and water.


Ideas and projects start very visually for me, something suddenly appears in front of my eyes, pictures run through my mind, then tactical work with a picture follows. Very important is the creative process, which is usually slow, experimental, and meditative.


The Coco'nuts song “Mūsu Zeme” video idea formed visually in my head. For me, this song is about being, about not complicating things. When we connect with the Earth and our depths, everything is quite simple, we flow through matter, float through the current, and rotate with the Earth.”


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