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Theatre Night "Intermission"




24-03-2022, 19:30




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“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” Frida Kahlo

In times of uncertainty and instability, to the extent that current generations haven’t experienced before, it is important to not let yourself get lost. The moment fear gets control over one’s mind, it becomes easier than ever to get lost in the feelings of despair and anxiety, seeing an overwhelming amount of information and news.

Theatre night “Intermission”, produced by theatre group INSIGHT and organised around Kristīne Kutepova’s exhibition “Little Gardens” at M/Gallery, will be dedicated to three techniques that can help people cope with their emotions and feelings: keeping your daily routine, communication, and self-expression.

INSIGHT says, “We are not trying to make a perfect formula of happiness here, but we believe that if even one activity can turn into a red thread that leads out of the dark forest of fear and despair for someone, then it is worth a shot.”

Where: M/Gallery and M/Darnica (both floors) at A. Briana 9, Riga
Length: Two acts, around 1.5h
Tickets: Entry is free, number of seats is limited
P.S. There will be elements of interaction with the visitors

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