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Gunta Lante

M Bodies

5 October  - 25 November 2023

M/Gallery x Gunta Lante

The title of the exhibition "M Bodies" is a play on words and letters derived from the English word "embody" - to embody, embodied, embodied in oneself. To embody and represent an idea, a feeling and a quality within oneself. To embody oneself. To feel at home in one's own body - to feel good about oneself, whatever the case. At the same time, the first letter of the name "M/Gallery" is included in the title of the exhibition, also designating the venue.


The figurative art is Gunta Lante's "God", the artist explores the world through man, humanity and inhumanity. The body as a human characteristic, a physical signifier of a human being and the first visual association - the frame, but in her works the artist depicts them in order to search for, signify and highlight the core, the essence of a human being - spirit, soul, experience, behaviour, strength and everything that can be called a human life. A life that is embodied and attained in the physical human body. In her works, the artist attains the naked body to the maximum, believing that in this life, man is essentially naked - unprotected, unembellished - the rest is superfluous, because the content is what matters. Embodied.

The opening will take place on October 5th at 18:00 as part of the 3rd anniversary week of M/Gallery.

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