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Aleksandrs Puntuss

Experimental Art Project

28 October - 15 November 2021 (Digital Only)

M/Gallery presents an experimental art exhibition by Latvian contemporary artist Aleksandrs Puntuss, first presented at Riga Last Thursdays Digital Edition. Comprised of two parts: a series of graffiti artworks done in a collaboration with a local brewery, and works on paper that are currently in the artist’s studio; this project invites you to jump into the extraordinary world of Puntuss’ imagination.


Puntuss was invited to create several graffiti artworks for the Big Nose Brothers brewery in Riga. He painted four walls and the ceiling with several artworks, all depicting his mysterious characters that are seemingly visitors on our planet from another dimension. These artworks will be used for the brewery's branding.


In addition to the graffiti on the walls, Puntuss extended his project to several unique original pieces on paper. You can see the process of making the artworks in several sketches from his notebooks in the gallery below. All the sketches Puntuss makes, after some period of time, end up being implemented in his paintings. In addition to his practice as a fine artist, Puntuss is a tattoo artist; both of these creative spheres influence, inspire and compliment each another.


Works on paper are available to be purchased. Graffiti artworks are available on demand as limited edition prints. Please contact M/Gallery for availability and any inquiries.

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