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Previous performances

Aleksandrs Puntuss (Puntuss pop-up exhibition x M/Darbnica 2-year anniversary)

Elīne Buka (An Encounter x RLT) 


Evelīna Baha (Opening of the exhibition "Red Velvet" by Anna Dzērve)


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As much as we are a place for displaying visual arts by new contemporary Latvian artists, we are an open platform for other art forms as well. Performances are a new type of artistic expression we have recently started to explore. 

Aleksandrs Puntuss

Celebrating M/Darbnīca 2-year anniversary, M/Gallery unveiled a new pop-up exhibition on October 7 with artist Alexander Puntuss, who is the first artist M/Gallery has welcomed to its space 2 years ago! As part of the celebration Aleksandrs Puntuss held a live painting performance on the first floor making one of his signature "faces" that repeats in most of his work.

Elīne Buka

On September 29th within the exhibition "An Encounter" by Egor Buimister and as a part of the monthly gallery evening Riga Last Thursdays, Elīne Buka held a performance in which the most intimate moment was revealed to the audience -  the process of creation and the moment of its unification, which grows into one whole, breaking down the border between the artist and the work of art.

Evelīna Baha 

Aa part of Anna’s Dzērves exhibition “Red Velvet” opening, M/Gallery held its first performance by artist Evelīna Baha. The performace touched on such topics as censorship, the freedom of expression and society’s moral norms.

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