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20 - 23 July 2022 

M/Gallery presents a pop-up exhibition with a Latvian contemporary artist Rodionabstract entitled “∞” / “Infinity”. Comprising works on paper, glass, plastic, and wooden panels from the grandma’s commode, the artist uses a variety of materials to deliver a strong emotional and rhythmic message, a window into the flirtatious yet serene infinity looking right at us.

Infinity. Timeless and borderless, a playful manifestation of the Cosmos. Each work in the exhibition is a map of emotions, arising in your mind and heart, playing around, and disappearing into the space again. Both micro and macro, personal and collective. 

All works in the series are painted directly with fingers without the use of artist's tools, using materials such as acrylic, tempera, textile paint, watercolor, pencil, crayon, ink, gold leaf, golden & silver paste, and golden chrome. 

Explosions and implosions are the beginning of a new life. The big bang was the sparkle igniting our galaxy. The summer warms us after a long grey Latvian winter. The peace is to reappear from the chaos. Rodionabstract’s art collection is an abstract reminder of the vastness of our own and collective galaxies, an illustration for the only thing that lasts – infinity.

Rodion is a professional artist, journalist, graphic designer, and publisher from Riga, Latvia. The works of Rodionabstract /Rodion Shehovtsov/ are single copies in the mind-bending abstract expressionist style. Rodion's paintings are part of Riga city's restaurants, bars, hotel interiors, and private collections, as well as prominent classical and jazz musicians' album covers. His art is a vibrant and juicy reminder of the dreamlike nature of everything.

Special event: 23rd July at 20:00, auction of 2 works for charity

Press: Delfi, Arterritory, Travelnews, Mixnews


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