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Previous lineup

Andre Tyrone, Annija Jansone, Māra Ulme, Laura Bukowski, Elina Vendija Ribena, Zita Krišjānova, Alise Bogdanova, Matilde Mežinska, Tonijs Strods, Roberts Brastiņš, Paula Lucija Lejiņa, Lauris Veips


A. Briāna iela 9


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The concept of the Poetry Disco was born in September 2018, during the yearly poetry reading "Dzejas dienas", when "Mākslai vajag telpu" organized an event called "Poetry needs sound". After that, the online magazine "Satori" named the event "Poetry Disco" and introduced it as a tradition every year during "Dzejas dienas".

The whole concept of Poetry Disco is slowly breaking out in poetry and art scene, not only as an event organized by "Satori", but as a format combining different art expressions such as visual art, music and poetry.

In collaboration with students from Art Academy of Latvia, M/Gallery has hosted three Poetry Disco events within exhibitions "BECOMING" by LMA 2nd year BA students in Fine Arts and "Within Reach" by contemporary artist Mark Sun Roz.

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