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Mārtiņš Aizpurvs


27 April - 21 May 2022 

M/Gallery presents the first exhibition by contemporary artist Mārtiņš Aizpurvs entitled “Symbiosis”. Comprised of light sculptures and paintings, the exhibition will showcase Aizpurvs’ influences ranging from the surrealist world of Salvador Dali to the work of artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser known as the opponent of “a straight line”, to the creation of the 3-dimensional design.

The word symbiosis comes from Ancient Greek syn-, which means together or with, and -vios, which means life; it literally means living together. Aizpurvs' collection explores different entities co-existing in harmony: street art and sculpture, art and music, architecture and underground. Organic forms, bright colours, and psychedelic visions find a perfect balance in Mārtiņš’ work. The use of blue, orange, and grey colours echo through both canvas and light pieces, illuminating the room with vibrancy and intensity.

Aizpurvs’ artworks take you on a journey exploring the power of opposites working together, and how contrasting experiences can result in an awakening that shapes who you are.

Artist says, “The way to grow is to turn off the ego, let the body and spirit be whole and communicative with its surroundings. The exhibition’s theme “Symbiosis” came naturally through communication with people and animals, and walks through wilderness and cities. I fell in love with drawing as a kid and have done it all my life, with bigger or smaller pauses; but still, I am happy that I haven’t lost the childish ways of having fun. I love graphics, it is the foundation of my drawings; it allows me to see clear borders of lines and shapes. I see that any drawing, painting, or even sculpture in a way is graphical because 2D comes before 3D. And this is directly related to the concept of the exhibition - to not be stuck in one place, limited by the knowledge that surrounds you, but to look for new approaches and ways of being. To find a symbiosis between different ideas surrounding you and celebrate their unity through creation.”

Press release: LV, ENG


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