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Open-air exhibition "Art e Fakti"

This summer, Riga Last Thursdays in collaboration with M/Gallery will open the open-air art exhibition "Art e fakti" in the Briania yard. The exhibition features new and established artists with artworks of different forms and techniques.


From 27 June to 23 August, the outdoor exhibition "Art e fakti" by young artists will be on show in the Briania yard, located between the concert venues and the galleries M/Darbnīca, K. K. von Stricka Villa, One One and Skapis. This year's exhibition features 15 artists: Clara Thurid Wahrenberg, Dārta Berkmane, Elīne Buka, Elizabete Ruša, Ērika Daņiloviča, Evita Valdmane,  Karīna Šumkova, Kristīne Petrovska, Marta Cīrule, Māris Mortukāns, Nastassia Navitskaya x Maria Skvortsova, Nellija Daņiloviča, Ojūna Batbajara, Pārsla Cinovska. 


In last year's open-air exhibition "Art e Fakti", artists delved into the diverse layers of human experience, revealing the material and immaterial sediments that make up our collective history and personal stories. This year, we continue the theme from a different perspective.


The term 'artefact' refers not only to works of art or human creations, but also to anomalies, defects and errors in various forms of visual representation, such as analogue or digital photography. By foregrounding this technical meaning of 'artefact', we encourage not only participants but also viewers to reflect on our attitudes towards mistakes and defects as expressions of human experience, as well as how mistakes influence and determine creativity.


Mistakes can be not only unexpected deviations from what was intended, what was planned, but also lucky coincidences that announce themselves, thus allowing something new, unplanned, spontaneous to emerge. They sometimes allow us to encounter the unconventional, the unusual and the transgressive by chance, and to see the familiar in a new way. The exhibition “Art e Fakti” seeks to answer questions about the place of anomalies or defects in art and everyday life.



Curator: Elizabete Andersone

Co-curator: Anete Kalēja

Graphic design for the opening of the exhibition by Dena Doloresa Sircova


Opening: 27 June 2024 at 18:00.

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